The Power Connection is a global union of Christian leaders, churches, and ministry gifts from all denominations, cultures, and other sociological divides that collaborate and/or partner to revive, train, credential, and unify the 21st century church. 

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The Power Connection is NOT a denomination, reformation, or fellowship, but a union as defined as, “a number of persons, etc. joined or associated together for some common purpose.” The Power Connection is inclusive of all Christians that believe that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord of the world, that salvation only comes through Him, and embrace the Pentecostal experience.

Have you been seeking fellowship and connectivity with like-minded ministry leaders? Have you wanted to be a part of something that gives you a broader reach from what you presently have but yet allows you to remain tied to what you are currently a part of? Would you like to be a part of something that does not diminish what you are building but partners with you to maximize it? Most of us would answer, yes!

We believe the Lord has given us vision and a movement that is able to do just that. There is an opportunity for Christian leaders, churches, and ministry gifts to come together to help build the Kingdom of God through divine connection. This movement is designed to allow individuals to not be disconnected from where they are or what God has given them but partner with them to become heaven’s best version of themselves. This is the essence of The Power Connection.


TPC is a union of believers that are called to actively work together to advance the Kingdom of God. The Lord delights in the unity of his people and the collaboration of gifts and callings to bring global change. It is not about a man but it is about a move.


TPC is not just a union of leaders and ministries but also a platform that presents opportunity. These opportunities will allow each participant to maximize their potential. There are many voices that are called to be heard in this hour and this union is being established to help encourage and expose them for global impact.


We are called to development, growth, and equipping of ministry gifts and Christian leadership for global impact. It is our assignment to bring special emphasis on the 5-fold ministry gifts for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, and for the edifying of the Body of Christ. TPC will engage critical Kingdom voices of heaven’s select leaders called to equip and empower for end-time, present-day engagement.


We desire to have a global impact and we desire to create something that brings people together globally to unite the Kingdom of God. This global network will cause the people of God to maximize their God given assignments by being connected to others that are also striving for excellence in ministry.


The Pentecostal experience is not just a feeling but something that brings about supernatural results. In Acts 2, they witnessed the Gifts of the Spirit, Harvest, Signs and Wonders, and Fellowship. We believe that every believer should seek and experience this in their lives and receive the results from this experience.


Preservation is key. Many of our Fathers and Mothers of the Faith have been concerned that many of the values of the Church will be lost due to the continual changes that are currently happening. TPC is not just called to bring reform but also to continue the work of the foundations that have already been laid. The key to the success of the future is never forgetting the foundational stones of the past.


Through the power of God and unity, the impact is unlimited. We believe we can reach a level of Glory in God like we have never seen as we come together to build and expand the Kingdom.

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